QUANTOFIX® Phosphate Test Strips


SKU: 91320


QUANTOFIX® Phosphate test strips allow the quick and easy determination of phosphate in solutions. Includes reagents and test strips. A reliable result is obtained within 2 minutes.

In surface water, the presence of high phosphate concentrations may indicate domestic wast discharge, fertilizer runoff or the presence of industrial effluents or detergents. The phosphate content of surface water has direct consequences for its ability to support growth of certain organisms. Very high phosphate intake may lead to an eutrophication of rivers and lakes leading finally to the death of aquatic life. In the maintaining of cooling or heating systems QUANTOFIX® Phosphate is used for the rapid and reliable control of corrosion inhibitors.

Store QUANTOFIX® Phosphate in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture.