QUANTOFIX® Peroxide Test Strips




QUANTOFIX® Peroxide 25 test strips are ideal for measuring low levels of peroxide in solutions. The easy dip & read procedure provides reliable results within 15 seconds.

Hydrogen peroxide is used extensively in many industries as a sanitiser, for example in the food and dairy industry. Hydrogen peroxide levels need to be closely monitored to ensure the sanitiser is working effectivley. Too little sanitiser will allow the growth of harmful bacteria, and too much can be toxic and corrosive to equipment. Use QUANTOFIX® Peroxide 25 test strips to quickly and effectively monitor sanitiser levels.

Directions for use
Dip QUANTOFIX® Peroxide 25 test strip into the test solution for 1 second. Shake off excess liquid. Wait 15 seconds. Compare with the colour scale. If hydrogen peroxide is present, the test field turns blue.

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture.