Waste Water Analysis

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Wastewater Analysis

As the Australian distributor for the Macherey Nagel water analysis range we are perfectly positioned to supply the equipment and consumables to handle all your specific wastewater analysis needs. For over 50 years the Macherey Nagel photometry range has been developed with the core requirements of wastewater analysis in mind, providing accurate and reliable results time and time again.

We will work directly with your team to determine the best solution for your operation and its specific wastewater testing needs. With local sales, technical support and service centres we provide a streamlined process for you team to find your wastewater analysis solution.

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NANOCOLOR tube tests – Rapid photometric water analysis

NANOCOLOR tests for photometric analysis are the most user-friendly tube tests on the market and are the best choice for routine, laboratory and process water analysis. A high standard of accuracy and precision is shown in results due to precisely pre-dosed reagents in our 16 mm cuvettes. The tests are all pre-programmed in Macherey Nagel photometers and selected automatically via a barcode scan on the cuvette. This perfect interaction between instrumentation and consumables lets the user experience a high measure of safety, time saving and cost-efficient work. Macherey Nagel offers a extensive range of test kits with different measurement ranges for all typical parameters relevant in water and wastewater analysis.

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PF-12Plus Compact Photometer

The PF‑12Plus photometer is a device tailored for mobile water analysis. Equipped with more than 100 pre-programmed methods, it is the ideal companion for all fields of water and wastewater analysis. With its especially positioned 860 nm LED the PF‑12Plus enables nephelometric turbidity measurements (NTU) in the range of 1–1000 NTU. The unique NTU-Check controls turbidity in parallel to every measurement. NANOCOLOR tube tests and VISOCOLOR ECO tests can be evaluated with the PF‑12Plus.

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NANOCOLOR Advance Spectrophotometer

The NANOCOLOR Advance spectrophotometer combines the most important features of the portable compact photometer PF-12Plus and the high-precision spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR VIS II. It provides precise and reliable measurement results in the daily laboratory routine and can also be used mobile due to its rechargeable battery. With its wavelength spectrum of 340 – 800 nm it allows the measurement of all photometrically evaluable test kits from MACHEREY-NAGEL. The NANOCOLOR Advance can therefore be used universally in the entire spectrum of water and wastewater analysis.