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Leading suppliers of analytical testing equipment for water, soil, food and more.

Why Choose Us?

World Class Products

Our products are world class. Manufactured by LaMotte (in America) and Macherey-Nagel (in Germany) for over 100 years, and distributed by us for over 30 years.

Local Manufacturing

We manufacture our reagents locally (under license to LaMotte). So you don’t have to pay the high cost of importing hazardous goods from abroad, and you get fast delivery times. We are the only company that does this in Australia.


Flexibility is our mantra. We’ll customise your test kit any way you like, our prices are reasonable (no labour fees here) and our build times are fast.

Local Support

We’ll give you all the support and knowledge you need to use our products. We’re a friendly bunch of people based in Sydney and we are experts in water testing.

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