QUANTOFIX® Nitrate & Nitrite Test Strips




QUANTOFIX® Nitrate 100 is for the fast and reliable determination of nitrate in solutions. The easy dip & read procedure provides a reliable result within 1 minute. This test is the highly sensitive version of QUANTOFIX® Nitrate / Nitrite. It allows the detection of nitrate down to 5 mg/L.

Nitrate is a byproduct of biological decay from plant and animal matter. High concentrations can be found in rural, farming areas where fertilizers are regularly used. Also, industrial effluents may contain nitrate in higher levels. Farmers use this test to control the nitrogen content in soil to estimate the amount of fertilizer needed. In ponds and aquariums nitrate is often tested instead of ammonium to control the water quality. Excessive nitrate concentrations in food can have adverse effects on food quality and consumer health. Regular nitrate tests in the food industry are therefore very important. This test is especially useful for dairy industry where low levels of nitrate need to be monitored.

Directions for use
Dip QUANTOFIX® Nitrate 100 in the test solution for 1 second. Shake off excess liquid. Wait 60 seconds. Compare with the colour scale.

Store QUANTOFIX® Nitrate 100 in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture.