Automatic detection of betalactams and tetracylines with BTScan tests in just 6 mins. Objective reading of antibiotic, milk mixtures and allergens tests. Provides real-time results in your mobile or in a cloud.

Do you need results as they happen and to share them with people in different locations?
Do you need to test for antibiotic, but you do not have trained staff or don’t have time to train them?
Can I test antibiotics in milk while in transit?
Do you have doubts of how to read the lines results of rapid tests?
Do you need objective and standardised results?
Do you need a small reader to run assays in different places?



IRIS helps to make quicker decisions as you can have results in real-time and share them with the relevant people.
Iris helps to test antibiotics on the farm, truck and upon arrival at the plant as tests are automatised and do not required any training before being use.
Iris helps you to avoid errors or variations from visual reading and to get objective, standardised and traceable results as part of a good quality control management.


IRIS is an incubator-reader for use in rapid strip or cassette tests with qualitative (BT Scan, IC, Proteon) or quantitative interpretation (AflaM1Scan or IC Quanti) of results.
The device connects via Bluetooth to the mobile / tablet through the Iris App to start the automatic test, read or download the results. 4G or Wi-Fi connection enable the results storage in a digital cloud.


  • Size: 85 x 88 x 59 mm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Assay temp: 40 °C ±
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB connection
  • Portability: battery life of up to 4 hours



Internal validation: According to ISO 13969:2003.