VISOCOLOR® alpha Phosphate Test Kit


SKU: 935079


The VISOCOLOR® alpha Phosphate Test Kit is for the colorimetric determination of phosphate.

Ammonium molybdate reacts with phospate ions to form phosphomolybdic acid which is reduced to molybdenum blue.  The phosphate content in a surface water has direct consequences for its ability to support the growth of certain organisms.  Since ever increasing quantities of phosphates are being fed through domestic waste waters into rivers and lakes, these waters have a tendency towards eutrophication. Exact data about the phosphate content are important for boiler water and feed water.  Precise dosing of phosphates in these waters can inhibit formation of boiler scale. Pyro-, meta- and polyphosphates are not determined with VISOCOLOR® test kits.  The determination of total phosphate requires a decomposition prior to the test.

Suitable for testing sea water.