QUANTOFIX® Chlorine Test Strips




For the quick and easy determination of chlorine in solutions. Includes both test strips and reagents. A reliable result is obtained within 1 minute.

Chlorine is widely used for disinfection of swimming pools, water mains and water reservoirs. Dosed correctly, harmful microorganisms are safely destroyed, many impurities removed and the growth of algae is prevented. Electroplaters use chlorine for the detoxification of cyanide-containing waste.
Regular checking of the chlorine concentration is essential to keep it at the desired level. Excessive chlorine not only impairs the smell and taste of water but can also be hazardous. In water chlorine occurs either free or bound for example as chloramines. Total chlorine is the sum of both levels.

Store QUANTOFIX® Chlorine in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture.