Proteon ‘Gluten’ Express, Allergen Test Kit


Speed and security in decision making
There is a clear trend in the food industry to offer products free of allergenic ingredients, as well as a reduction in the use of preventive labeling (“may contain”). With the increase in food allergies and their incorporation into legislation, controlling the unintended presence of food allergens is a demand both by the consumer and by the food safety and quality standards ISO 22000 2005, BRC, IFS, etc.
Verification of the effectiveness of protection measures to avoid cross contamination from food allergens during production; as well as rapid analysis of final product allows anticipating decision-making for preventive labeling or corrective measures for food free of any allergens.

PROTEON EXPRESS (Rapid tests):

Proteon Express tests allow rapid analysis without the need for a laboratory. The kits provides all material for any person to easily carry out analyses of raw material, intermediate or final product, as well as work surfaces or rinse waters.

LAB2GO (Rapid tests briefcase):

The Lab2Go briefcase is designed for analysis of work surfaces. The allergens tests content can be personalizing, so it can be adapted to each company´s needs. Lab2Go presentation helps to take it around for testing in different production control points. Food industry, collective catering, auditors, laboratories or inspectors, with one or more locations, will be able to control or audit critical points at the appropriate time.


Proteon kits allow you to quantify in a short time the content of the allergen you want to identify in any type of sample. Concentration values will allow you to know the risks of your product or facilities so you can take corrective measures within your quality system.