pH Indicator Paper




pH Indicator Papers – standard for many applications

pH Indicator Papers have been on the market for decades and are the standard for many applications. For each pH value these papers who a single colour which can be matched with the colour scale at intervals of 0.2-1 pH.

The characteristic features of pH Indicator Papers are:
pH indicators are supplied on plastic reels that ensure long term stability and protection against many external influences. The indicator will always be ready to use when needed.

pH indicators are manufactured from high quality filter papers from Macherey-Nagel. Combined with our ISO 9001 quality control scheme this ensures optimal quality. The user will always get reliable readings.

The colours of the colour scales are specially mixed to perfectly match the reaction colour of the indicator papers. This makes the reading of results easy and accurate.

Available in a variety of different measuring ranges. Find the ideal indicator paper for your application!