NANOCOLOR® Spectrophotometers





Spectrophotometers for high-precision analysis
The NANOCOLOR® VIS II and NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II are high-precision measurement instruments applicable in all areas of water and wastewater analysis.  MACHEREY‑NAGEL revolutionizes the daily laboratory work with these two new spectrophotometers, combining premium high-tech instruments with outstanding usability.  With their intuitive, icon-based menu guidance, these innovative photometers can be used like a smartphone or tablet. The clearly arranged, high-resolution touch screen display makes your daily measurement routine a pleasure.

Powerful technology
The new NANOCOLOR® spectrophotometers impress with high-class technology and optics. The spectral bandwidth of the NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II of < 2 nm allows high-precision measurements. The optical set-up and the clever technique of both devices enable measurements without protective cover; a big advantage for smooth lab processes. With a 2D barcode scanner and cuvette recognition, all steps from measuring over displaying to storage of results are part of a fully automated sequence.

The allrounders for all requirements
The NANOCOLOR® VIS II and UV/VIS II are comprehensive spectrophotometers which meet all requirements of your daily laboratory work. They come with well-known barcode technology for rapid measurement of NANOCOLOR® tube tests. In addition, they offer extensive color measurement possibilities and real-time scan recording.  The nephelometric turbidity measurement and the turbidity measurement in transmitted light, the preprogrammed MEBAK methods allow a comprehensive brewery analysis. The simple menu navigation and the icon-based pictogram instructions for the performance of cuvette tests reduce the complexity of the daily laboratory work. The clear result screen enables an easy assignment of additional sample information and measurement results. The systematic menu guidance for the calibration of special methods allows even inexperienced users to program methods for user specific applications

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A note on turbidity
Turbidity is often a source of error as it is not always visually recognisable.  During each measurement the MACHEREY-NAGEL spectrophotometers automatically measure turbidity and warn the user in case of any interfering turbidity.

Quality control
Quality is of high importance to MACHEREY‑NAGEL.  Therefore, their new spectrophotometers are equipped with extensive quality control features.  Besides the integrated, f.o.c. inspection equipment monitoring tools, the devices offer a variety of quality control functions including standard measurements, multiple determinations and dilution series. IQC cards are generated directly in the device and can be printed or exported for documentation purposes. Therefore, NANOCOLOR® VIS II and UV/VIS II offer easy to use control options, allowing an efficient and accurate internal quality control perfectly integrated in your daily work.

Striking interface options for smart connectivity
The connection of measuring devices to laboratory information systems (LIMS) plays a more and more important role in many industries.  The NANOCOLOR® VIS II and NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II are equipped with all important interfaces (LAN, RS232, USB) for the connection to laboratory information systems. In addition, the integrated LIMS configurator allows a customized adaptation for many kinds of data for transfer. An easily accessible USB port increases the comfort of data exchange with mass storage media or the usage of a barcode reader, scanner or printer.


  • outstanding touch screen usability
  • 10.1 ” HD display for a clear overview
  • icon based menu guidance for a unique user experience
  • high quality optics with reference detector technology
  • safe results due to automatic turbidity control function (NTU-check)
  • safeguarding of results via integrated IQC menu
  • future-proof interfaces
  • colour measurements, turbidity measurements and scans
  • applicable in all fields of water and waste water analysis

Included with both NANOCOLOR® VIS II and UV/VIS II

  • manual with quick start guide
  • touch pen
  • protective covering
  • power cable
  • USB cable
  • USB stick
  • calibration cuvette
  • cleaning cloth
  • certificate
  • reagent systems sold separately (see compatible reagent systems below)