Milk allergen test kit: Proteon Duo Milk Express


In 10 minutes and without equipment, anyone can verify that your production is free from milk.

Are you considering of doing allergen control but you do not know how to approach it?
Do you want to verify cleaning between productions when sharing production lines?
Do you have many products to analyse and you need results immediately or within a day?
Are you implementing IFS, BR or ISO 22000 2005 quality standards?
Do you work with powdered milk and you could have contaminations after cleaning?


The speed and simplicity of the Proteon Express tests allow adapting the allergen analysis to the time and place you need. The simultaneous detection of casein and β-lactoglobulin in two different lines of the same strip is especially useful in those situations where the origin of the milk is unknown; for example, control of suppliers or industries sharing production lines with and without milk or milk byproducts (whey or caseinates). If your products are highly processed Proteon Duo Milk helps you to detect the presence of milk as casein is stable at high temperatures.
Having specific information will allow us to make immediate decisions between productions, detect insufficient cleanings, control critical points of contamination and ensure the release of your product to the market without risk.