Microlab ‘Listeria’, Pathogen Test Kit


A laboratory in your hands:

The pathogen control legislation is very restrictive due to the severity consequences that food poisoning can have in consumers health. Absence of certain pathogen in a 25 grams food sample is required in most cases. This criterion can be extended to work surfaces and the use of rinsing water.
The food industry must take the utmost care to avoid contamination at the production site. Having a simple analysis system that does not require laboratory or qualified personnel can be a very valuable solution to ensure food safety all times when released to the market.

Microlab Salmonella and Listeria for the industry:

Choosing the moment to perform a Salmonella or Listeria control test and being able to do on-site tests could be some of the demands any Quality Manager may have in many situations.
The Microlab system is a unique solution that integrates a complete pathogen laboratory into a disposable device, where the design allows:

To carry out analysis at the plant with zero risk of contamination as it is a hermetic system and with a final stage of inactivation.
To carry out an analysis without specific laboratory resources because it integrates all the necessary elements for an analysis.
That any operator can carry out a very simple and ready -to-use system when need it.

Microlab Salmonella and Listeria for the laboratory:

Methodologies available for pathogens analysis require qualified personnel for the technique and availability of laboratory equipment. In some cases, personnel might not be available on the day or at a specific time. Necessary equipment could also be out of use. Microlab is the solution that can resolved all these situations. The one-year shelf-life and ease of use allow to take immediate reaction.