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0 ∙ 0.5 ∙ 1 ∙ 3 ∙ 6 mg/L NH4+

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Ammonia Test Strips are for the fast and reliable determination of ammonium, respectively ammonia, in water.

In aquarium water, ammonium is produced by the bacterial decomposition of organic matter such as food, fish waste and plant matter. Although ammonium is an important nutrient for plants, it can convert to ammonia which is toxic to fish. Even in small amounts of 0.5 mg/L ammonium can be a threat to fish with symptoms like rapid gill movements, nervous swimming and loss of appetite. In higher conentrations from 1.0 mg/L and above it can be lethal. Ammonia Test Strips are ideal for monitoring your aquarium and keeping fish healthy.

Directions for use
Dip Ammonia Test Strips into aquarium water, moving back and forth for 5 seconds. Do not shake of excess water. Keep strip horizontal with test pads facing up for 15-30 seconds. Compare the test pad with the colour scale.